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Rinansay Weavings

Hand Woven Textiles and Needle Felted Wall Art

About Rinansay Weavings

From the conservation and rescuing of the rare native North Ronaldsay Sheep to the use of by-products of the local Woollen Mill the ethos of Rinanasy Weavings is to support and promote animal conservation, animal welfare and sustainable practices.

Every product made starts with the inspiring environment and scenery and each unique piece- from a indivually woven textile to the  woven and needle felted wall art aims to encapsulate the feeling of being surrounded by sea and sky on a remote Orkney Island.

I do not make rolls of fabric- each piece is made singly and due to the nature of the wool products i use is a one of a kind. Similarly I like to keep things fresh and each  textile wall art is made, like a painting to be a stand out piece not to be replicated- although the theme will remain the same- sheep and sea and wildlife and the amazing built environment composed of stone from the shore.

Commissions can be taken for both textiles and wall art. I am happy to discuss your exact needs and colour schemes. Some past commissions can be found in the Portfolio.

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North Ronaldsay, United Kingdom

07951 449136

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