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Get to Know Rinansay Weavings

Based on the tiny remote island of North Ronaldsay (Viking name "Rinansay") since 2012 I have been surrounded by sheep and sea ever since. My wee flock of rescued native North Ronaldsay sheep are my constant companions and inspiration. Starting out under my old name of Woolly Wally i began needle felting the kemp extracted from the rare breed sheep fleeces at the islands Woollen Mill ( - where by the way i also work as a freelance wool processor and spinner. Over the years the kemp and its use became a mission for me- the fleeces contain a 1/3 kemp, which is extracted at the dehairing stage to make a softer wool for spinning. This by- product was under valued but i have been finding numerous uses for it- in my needle felted models and wall art, and in more recent years spinning it into a coarse yarn suitable  for non clothingwear textiles, which i then make into hand woven blankets, cushion covers, lampshades and to upholster upcycled stools.

My craft work, along with a few other island based  jobs helps keep my sheep fed and allows me to support numerous animal welfare charities each year.

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