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Our Store Policies

I want you to be reassured you can purchase from me and be happy with the transaction. Please read below my store policies and if you have any further questions do get in contact. I am a human being and a sole crafter and i will answer each and every enquiry personally and with the knowledge of the craftsperson who made the item.

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Shipping Policy

What You Need to Know

I will endeavour to post premade items within 7 days of order- the is the latest to take into account unforseeable circumstances such as weather or technical issues delaying the plane which takes our post to and from island,

For bespoke items we (make and buyer) will stay in close contact to agree length of time to make item so that an agreed delivery date can be met.

Royal Mail is the only available carrier from here.

Cost will be dependent on size and weight and will be calculated generically. However refunds for overpayments made due to this method will be made- Im not trying to make money from postage costs and want to make it as affordable and enticing as possible!

Please contact me regarding shipping to non UK addresses.



How It Works

If the item is not as expected returns are accepted. Buyer must inform me of intent to return within 14 days of order (this takes into account the length of time delivery may take to reach customer) Customer  is liable for return postage and posting, and item must be returned in a sellable condition, with all packaging. . For other returns  please contact me to discuss your issue. Commissioned pieces are only returnable in extenuating circumstances.

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Warranty Disclaimer

About Our Policy

I do not want anyone to go away unhappy after a purchase from me. While i can not offer warrantees I will accept liability for any item that does not stand up to its purpose- if you are unhappy with the longlivety of your item please contact me to discuss your expectations. I will happily mend an heirloom blanket but if its damage is due to normal wear and tear there will be costs involved in its refurbishment- i can not stop the effects of time!


Privacy Policy

Trust Us with Your Information

Privacy is my middle name. I will not compromise yours! I will in the course of a transaction take your name, address, email, possibly phone number. If payment is made by paypal or bank transfer i will not be in receipt of any of your  personal bank details.

Some information may be needed for a commissioned piece above what is listed above.

I will not share any information i receive with any third party, i will be the only person to hold this information in this business and it will be destroyed once transactions are entirely complete (to take into account returns this will be 60 days).

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