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This rug is made from rovings made from my own pet sheep. I made rovings without dehairing so the entire fleece was used, without any waste.  I wove the rovings in a plain weave style on a strong cotton warp frame, and then washed gently to avoid felting.

The end result is a soft squidgy rug with a lovely plain weave pattern. It would be best used as a bedside rug or any area to show off its beauty. Make sure you feel it under your bare feet for maximum effect/ appreciation. This is a statement rug and not a funtional heavy wear rug.

This is the first rug made from my own rescued sheep flocks fleeces and more with be produced in due course. The softness of this white one can not be over stated!

Measurements: 75cm x 52cm

Handwash or use the delicate or wool cycle on washing machine. Dry flat.

Soft woven bedroom rug

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